Patrick Grant

February 4, 2016
Episode Two! Patrick Grant stopped by to talk all things music and identity, and it ended up being the most frantic dissection of culture I've ever been a part of. 

Listen as we talk Springsteen as a Messianic Rock Star, drinking a bottle of vermouth when Bowie died, the ins and outs of the business of art, the responsibility musicians have to their fans and their colleagues, and the role art has in reflecting and replacing the memories of our lives!

PLUS I try and defend artists rehashing the classics, accidentally diss Jimi Hendrix, and we disagree on the acting Roles Alan Alda is allowed to play!

All this and a fake commercial break in Identites Episode Two.

Patrick will be playing the Smiling Buddha in Toronto on February 20th!

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"Why Teens Need Their Music" 

Airheads Quote: 

Rock'n'roll's been all downhill since Lennon died. My whole life, people have been cramming this classic-rock crap down my throat. Think l give a shit about the Beatles? No offence, but today's music doesn't have a whole lot to say... you're gonna tell me that ''Purple Haze'' says something?

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